I will be a good steward:

  • Good stewards are committed to selfless service. …
  • Good stewards believe in sustainability. …
  • Good stewards practice inclusiveness. …
  • Good stewards embrace innovation and change. …
  • Good stewards are team players, and they’re quick to give others credit.

4 thoughts on “I will be a good steward:”

  1. I want to again believe that hat you say will be what you practice. I would like to volunteer, but don’t do facebook. I would like a yard sign. 1104 ne 5th terr. I will make a donation. adele franson Your family picture was a joy to see. Thank you

  2. Hi Mr. Rhodenizer:
    I am sickened by the increasing number of luxury apartments which are expensive. Plus, who really needs luxury? What will you do to require and encourage landlords to supply truly affordable housing? One thing I think should be done is to not give any subsidies, whatsover, for luxury apartments. Also, I believe the greenest building is the one that already exists. And I believe in saving historic buildings. Also some buildings can be refurbished into affordable apartments. Now, I would approve of subsidies for those (as long as the developer is responsible). GOOD LUCK on your campaign and thank you for your response.

  3. 2 Mar 20


    I received your flyer in my door today. Thank you for taking the time. Sorry I missed you, as well.

    I have basically eschewed voting in most contests since 2012, and doubt I will take the time this year. However, since you took the time to stop by, I took a look-see at your campaign site.

    Frankly, your campaign site appears quite milquetoast, except for calling out the sitting commission, as a whole, for failing to implement recommendations made by former city auditor Carlos Holt, that you say would have “dramatically reduced fraud, waste, and abuse.”

    Was the commission unanimous in its decision to reject these recommendations? Was there not one sitting commissioner that leaned toward accepting the recommendations? Was there any discussion of the recommendations that may have revealed individual commissioner’s reasons for rejecting them? If so, that would give you an opportunity to call out the individual commissioner.

    No specific examples of particular fraud, waste, or abuse were enumerated. If you have knowledge of examples, why didn’t you mention them? Besides, shouldn’t the goal be to eliminate fraud and abuse; not merely reduce them.

    As far as waste goes, everything a government does is waste. You, having been a former business owner, should know this. When did you ever force one of your customers to buy a specific good or service? If you did it once, how long do you think you would have remained in business? Government forces me to “pay” for services I don’t want, or need. For example, paying a special fire assessment on each parcel of vacant land that I hold title to (I know this is county, but don’t miss the point). If you get elected, you will be a party to the waste.

    In spite of all this, I wish you the best.

    Stay in touch.

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